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As the Leading International Philatelic Auction Agents, We Welcome You to the Most Comprehensive WebSite Devoted to the Worldwide Public Philatelic Auctions.

Charles E. Cwiakala
APS 56778 • Collectors Club of Chicago • USPCS 2478

Mark Cwiakala
APS 197935

The Cwiakala family name represents three long-term generations of professional philatelists, and has been trusted internationally for providing worldwide philatelic Auction Agent services since 1972. Our credentials can be verified with every major public philatelic auction house in the United States and elsewhere globally, as well as from the many collector- and dealer-clients resident on the six continents.

Our WebSite provides the philatelic auction buyer with the current and the following month’s detailed Philatelic Auction Calendar, as well as direct links to the public philatelic auctioneers’ E-Mail Addresses and their WebSite URLs — for your convenience and ready-reference, a large number of these auctioneers list their entire current sales catalogs on their WebSites.

The WebSite also provides further information of potential use to your
philatelic collecting or dealings, to include direct links to interesting philatelically-related WebSites, the auctioneers’ announcements for future sales and organizational structuring, a Philatelic Auctions Glossary, and details for our Private Treaty and Philatelic Estate Planning Services.

We would be pleased to act as your personal representative at the public philatelic auctions. An explanation of our services and terms are detailed at the touch of the FAQs button. Feel free to request further information or additional details for engaging our auction agent services by using the Contact Us button.

Our personalized Busy Buyers Service is a popular feature with our clientele. Philatelic auction catalogs are received from all of the major worldwide auction houses. When specific wants are found in these catalogs, "alert" E-Mails detailing the research are transmitted to clients employing our services. This service can be tailored to your specific collecting requirements by using the Registering Your Requirements button.



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