MAY 2019







May 2019


(10th May) Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 322] (USA)

(18th May) Rasdale Stamp Company [Nº 440] (USA)

(19th May) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 632] (Japan)

(24th May) Aix-Phila Briefmarken-Auktionhaus [Nº 64] (Germany)  

(25th May) Cambridge Philatelic Auctions [Nº 356] (England)




June 2019


(  4th June) Feldman S.A. (Switzerland)

(  4th, 24th  June) Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner [Nº 44] (Germany)  

(17th June) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 633] (Japan)

(      ? June) Daniel F. Kelleher Inc. [Collections & Accumulations Sale](USA)   

(      ? June) Daniel F. Kelleher Inc. [Flagship Series’ Sale ] (USA) 




July 2019


(12th July) Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 321] (USA)

(21st July) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 634] (Japan)




August 2019


( 2nd August) Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries Inc. [Nº 119] (USA)

(17th August) Rasdale Stamp Company [Nº 441] (USA)

(18th August) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 635] (Japan)




September 2019


(13th September) Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 324] (USA)

(15th September) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 636] (Japan)

(20th September) Philatelic Service of Finland [Nº 115] (Finland)




October 2019


(  8th, 14th October) Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner [Nº 44] (Germany)  

(20th October) Cambridge Philatelic Auctions [Nº 357] ] (England)

(20th October) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 637] (Japan)




November 2019


(13th November) Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 325] (USA)

(16th November) Rasdale Stamp Company [Nº 442] (USA)

(17th November) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 638] (Japan)




December 2019


(15th December) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 637] (Japan)


NOTE: Philatelic Auctioneers conducting public sales are invited to submit information referencing the dates and content details of your scheduled future public (floor bidding activity) auctions.


All information is to be submitted via E-Mail to:






(10th May 2019) Dutch Country Auctions / Stamp Center Inc.: Russell Eggert announces their public auction schedule for the years 2018-2019, the sales being conducted at their Wilmington DE auction galleries venue:


~ Nº 322 - 10th-11th May 2019

(Consignment Deadline: CLOSED)


~ Nº 323 - 12th-13th July 2019

(Consignment Deadline: 17th April 2019)


~ Nº 324 - 12th-13th September 2019

(Consignment Deadline: 19th June 2019)


~ Nº 325 - 15th - 16th  November 2019

(Consignment Deadline: 19th August 2019)


Consignments are solicited for these popular auctions. Please contact the auctioneer to discuss the consignment previous to shipping any materials to their offices.


NOTE: The entire fully illustrated auction catalogue can be viewed on the user-friendly Dutch Country Auctions WebSite:





(18th May 2019) Rasdale Stamp Co.: Kim and Kevin Kellerman announce their year 2019 public auctions being conducted at public auction at the Rasdale Stamp Co. Auction Galleries, located at 35 Chestnut Ave. in Westmont IL, the Saturday and Sunday sessions beginning promptly at 9:00 AM.


~ Nº 440 – 18th-19th May 2019

~ Nº 441 – 17th-18th August 2019

~ Nº 439 – 16th-17th November 2019


NOTE: The catalogs for these auctions are available on the Rasdale Stamp Company WebSite:


Contacts: (Kim Kellerman)

       (Kevin Kellerman) 



(24th May 2019) Aix-Phila Briefmarken-Auktionhaus GmbH: Heinrich Osterloh announces their 24th-25th May 2019 Public Auction Nº 64 scheduled to take place at their Kaufmännnische School II sales venue located at Lothringerstraße 10, in Aachen [located directly across the street from the Aix-Phila offices, which are at Lothringerstraße 13]

(Consignment Deadline: 30th March 2019)


NOTE: The entire Aix-Phila Briefmarken-Auktionshaus GmbH auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite:





(19th May 2019) Takahashi Stamp Company: Nobuo and Kenjiro Takahashi announce their public auction dates for the year 2019, scheduled to be conducted at their Tokyo, Japan, auction gallery venue on every 3rd Sunday of the Month:


~ Nº 632 - 19th May 2019

~ Nº 633 - 16th June 2019

~ Nº 634 - 21st July 2019

~ Nº 635 - 18th August 2019

~ Nº 636 - 15th September 2019

~ Nº 637 - 20th October 2019

~ Nº 638 - 17th November 2019

~ Nº 639 - 15th December 2019


Although only in the Japanese-language, the lot listings are profusely illustrated, and are simple to decipher for those not familiar with the Japanese language. Not listed on their WebSite (see below) at this time, plans to include auction lot listings for Internet availability are scheduled for the near future.


NOTE: Further information relating to the philatelia available from the company, ranging from the classic to the modern, and for postage stamps and postal history, is available on their comprehensive Japanese-language WebSite:


Contact: or



(26th May 2019) Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions: Robert (‘Bob’) J. Carr announces their public auction dates for the year 2019, scheduled to be conducted at the refurbished historic Victoria-era brewery, The Maltings (, located on Ship Lane in Ely, Cambridgeshire, starting promptly at 1:00 PM.


~ Nº 356 – 25th-26th May 2019, the annual upscale Prestige Auction

~ Nº 357 – 20th October 2019


NOTE: The entire Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions catalogs for these sales can be viewed on their user-friendly WebSite: 





(? MaY 2019) Cherrystone Philatelic Auctioneers: Paul and  Josh  Buchsbayew announce their Spring 2019 schedule of public auctions being conducted at their modern, conveniently located, mid-town Manhattan Cherrystone Auction Galleries, located at 119 West 57th Street, on the 3rd Floor, beginning daily promptly at 10:00 AM (Morning Sessions) and 1:00 PM (Afternoon Sessions).


~ Nº 0519 - Dates TBD May 2019, United States. and Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

(Consignment Deadline: 5th February 2019)


NOTE: The entire Cherrystone Philatelic Auctions catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below]. Most of the single lots are accompanied by quality color scans, and Opening Prices are updated daily:





(? May 2019) Daniel F. Kelleher Co, Inc.: David Coogle and Larry Gibson announce the tentative dates of their upcoming public auctions scheduled at their Connecticut and Hong Kong (Kelleher & Rogers Ltd.) sales venues.


~ ? May 2019 - The ‘Flagship Series’ of sale of United States, British and Other Worldwide (Connecticut).

~ ? June 2019 - Collections, Stocks and Accumulations of the World (Connecticut).

~ ? June 2019 - The ‘Flagship Series’ of sale of United States, British and Other Worldwide (Connecticut).


NOTE: The complete Daniel F. Kelleher Co. Inc. catalog listings are available on their WebSite:


Contacts: (Larry Gibson)

       (David Coogle)



(4th June 2019) Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG: Christoph Gärtner announces their next series of mega-lot public auctions scheduled for the year 2019, and unless designated otherwise, to be sold beginning promptly at 9:00 AM daily on the auction dates at the Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner Offices sales venue located at Steinbeisstraße 6+8, in Bietigheim-Bissingen (ca. 12 miles north of Stuttgart, and 12 miles south of Heilbronn).


~ Nº 44 – 4th-5th, 24th-28th June 2019 - Coins and Banknotes are offered during the 4th-5th, and Philately and Vintage Picture Postcards will be sold during the 24th-28th.

(Consignment Deadline: 30th April 2019)


~ Nº 45 – 8th-9th, 14th-18th October 2019 - Coins and Banknotes are offered during the 8th-9th, and Philately and Picture Postcards will be sold during the 14th-18th.

(Consignment Deadline: 30th August 2019)


NOTE: The entire Auktionhaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG auction catalogue can be viewed on their user-friendly German:English bilingual WebSite:





(2nd August 2019) Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries Inc.: Chris Harmer announces the American Philatelic Society appointment of the Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries as the official auctioneer for the 1st-4th August APS StampShow 2019 event. Their Public Auction Nº 119 will take place during 2nd-4th August at the exhibition’s venue: CHI Health Center Omaha, 455 N 10th St., Omaha, Nebraska.


Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries now is accepting consignments for the APS StampShow 2019 sale. Consignment contact can be made in several ways:  


~ Visit the website, fill out the consignment form, and click ‘Submit’.

~ E-Mail Chris Harmer at:  

~ Call Chris Harmer or Rick Penko directly at 800-378-6454 or 707-778-6454



(20th September 2019) Soumen Filateliapalvelu Oy / Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd.: Linda Niemi announces their schedule of public auctions for the year 2019:


~ Public Nº 115 - 20th-21st September 2019

(Consignment Deadline: 28th June 2019)


NOTE: The Philatelic Service of Finland auction catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite: