November 2019


(13th November) Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 325] (USA)

(16th November) Rasdale Stamp Company [Nº 442] (USA)

(17th November) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 638] (Japan)

(29th November) Auction Galleries Hamburg [Nº 15] (Germany)




December 2019


(15th December) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 639] (Japan)




January 2020


(10th January) Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 326] (USA)

(19th January) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 640] (Japan)




February 2020


(16th February) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 641] (Japan)




March 2020


(15th March) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 642] (Japan)




April 2020


(  3rd April) Postiljonen AB (Sweden)

(15th April) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 643] (Japan)




May 2020


(15th May) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 644] (Japan)7




June 2020


(21st June) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 645] (Japan)




July 2020


(19th July) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 646] (Japan)




August 2020


(16th August) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 647] (Japan)




September 2020


(20th September) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 648] (Japan)

(25th September) Postiljonen AB (Sweden)




October 2020


(18th October) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 649] (Japan)




November 2020


(15th November) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 650] (Japan)




December 2020


(20th December) Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 651] (Japan)





NOTE: Philatelic Auctioneers conducting public sales are invited to submit information referencing the dates and content details of your scheduled future public (floor bidding activity) auctions.


All information is to be submitted via E-Mail to: CECwiakala@aol.com






(20th October 2019) Takahashi Stamp Company: Nobuo and Kenjiro Takahashi announce their public auction dates for the year 2019, scheduled to be conducted at their Tokyo, Japan, auction gallery venue on every 3rd Sunday of the Month:


~ Nº 637 - 20th October 2019

~ Nº 638 - 17th November 2019

~ Nº 639 - 15th December 2019

~ Nº 640 - 19th January 2020

~ Nº 641 - 16th February 2020

~ Nº 642 - 15th March 2020

~ Nº 643 - 19th April 2020

~ Nº 644 - 17th May 2020

~ Nº 645 - 21st June 2020

~ Nº 646 - 19th July 2020

~ Nº 647 - 16th August 2020

~ Nº 648 - 20th September 2020

~ Nº 649 - 18th October 2020

~ Nº 650 - 15th November 2020

~ Nº 651 - 20th December 2020


Although only in the Japanese-language, the lot listings are profusely illustrated, and are simple to decipher for those not familiar with the Japanese language. Not listed on their WebSite (see below) at this time, plans to include auction lot listings for Internet availability are scheduled for the near future.


NOTE: Further information relating to the philatelia available from the company, ranging from the classic to the modern, and for postage stamps and postal history, is available on their comprehensive Japanese-language WebSite: http://www.takahashistamp.com


Contact: TakahashiStamp@Nifty.com or Kenjiro6985@Nifty.com ___________________________________________________________________


(27th October 2019) Victoria Stamp Company: Phoebe A. MacGillivary announces their upcoming Public Auction Nº 37, to be conducted at the Collectors Club of New York, located at 22 East 35th St. (35th St. & Madison Ave.), in New York City. Highlights of the auction include several specialized collections:


~ TheAlphonseCollection of Ceylon

~ TheDuffyCollection of the British Commonwealth: Part II

~ The Paul A. Larson Collection of the King George V Issues for the Leeward Islands

~ The Eric P. Yendall Collections of King George VI Keyplate Revenues, British Guiana WWII Censored Covers & Postal Stationery, and Mauritius Military Mail, Censored Mail, and Post Box 1000 Postal History


NOTE: The entire Victoria Stamp Company auction catalogue can be viewed on their user-friendly WebSite: www.VictoriaStampCo.com


Contact: VictoriaStampCo@aol.com


(15th November 2019) Dutch Country Auctions / Stamp Center Inc.: Russell Eggert announces their public auction schedule for the years 2019-2020, the sales being conducted at their Wilmington DE auction galleries venue:


~ Nº 325 - 15th - 16th  November 2019

(Consignment Deadline: 19th August 2019)


~ Nº 326 - 10th - 11th  January 2020

(Consignment Deadline: 17th October 2019)


Consignments are solicited for these popular auctions. Please contact the auctioneer to discuss the consignment previous to shipping any materials to their offices.


NOTE: The entire fully illustrated auction catalogue can be viewed on the user-friendly Dutch Country Auctions WebSite: www.dutchcountryauctions.com


Contact: Auctions@DutchCountryAuctions.com



(29th November 2019) Auction Galleries Hamburg: Christoph Gärtner announces their auction schedule for the balance of 2019


~ Nº 15 - 29th-30th November 2019


NOTE: The entire Auction Galleries Hamburg catalogs for these sales can be viewed on their user-friendly WebSite: www.auction-galleries.de 


Contact: Info@Auction-Galleries.de



(3rd April 2020) Postiljonen AB: Anna Johnssson announces their upcoming 2020 auction schedule :


~ 3rd-4th April 2020 - International Auction

~ 25th-26th September 2020 - International Auction


NOTE: The entire Postiljonen AB auction catalogue can be viewed on their WebSite in the Swedish and English language texts: www.postiljonen.se


Contact: StampAuctions@Postiljonen.se