AUG 2017







September 2017


(  7th September) Warwick & Warwick Ltd. (ENGLAND)

(10th September) Spink [No. 17037] (SINGAPORE) 

(13th September) CorinPhila Veilingen BV (NETHERLANDS)   

(14th September) Dutch Country Auctions [No. 312] (USA) 

(17th September) Takahashi Stamp Company [No. 612] (JAPAN)

(18th September) Spink [No. 17038] (ENGLAND)

(19th September) Spink [No. 17037] (ENGLAND)

(25th September) Heinrich Kšhler Auktionhaus [Nos. 365 (GERMANY)

(27th September) Spink [No. 17035] (ENGLAND) 

(29th September) Postiljonen AB [Nos. 218] (SWEDEN)




October 2017


(  4th October) Warwick & Warwick Ltd. (ENGLAND)

(  7th October) Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions [No. 351] (ENGLAND)

(15th October) Takahashi Stamp Company [No. 613] (JAPAN)

(21st October) Spink-China [No. CSS26] (CHINA)

(24th October) Spink [No. 17045] (ENGLAND) 

(24th October) Spink [No. 17026] (ENGLAND)

(28th October) Spink [Nos. 17023, 17044] (SINGAPORE) 




November 2017


(  1st November) Warwick & Warwick Ltd. (ENGLAND)

(  4th November) Japan Stamp Company [No. 99 - JaPEx 2017] (JAPAN)

(11th November) Dutch Country Auctions [No. 313] (USA) 

(14th November) Spink [No. 163] (USA) 

(15th November) Spink [No. 17046] (ENGLAND) 

(19th November) Takahashi Stamp Company [No. 614] (JAPAN)




December 2017


(  1st December) Aix-Phila Briefmarkenauktionshaus [No. 61] (GERMANY)   ( 2nd December) Japan Stamp Company [No. 100] (JAPAN)

(  6th December) Warwick & Warwick Ltd. (ENGLAND) 

(17th December) Takahashi Stamp Company [No. 615] (JAPAN)



January 2018


(21st January) Takahashi Stamp Company [No. 616] (JAPAN)


NOTE: Philatelic Auctioneers conducting public sales are invited to submit information referencing the dates and content details of your scheduled future public (floor bidding activity) auctions.


All information is to be submitted via E-Mail to:






(6th September 2017) Warwick & Warwick Ltd.: Dennis Talbot announces their philatelic public auction dates scheduled for the year 2016, to be conducted at their Warwickshire, England, sales venue.


~ 6th September 2017

~ 4th October 2017

~ 1st November 2017

~ 6th December 2017


NOTE: The entire Warwick and Warwick Ltd. auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite:  





(10th September 2017) Spink - London: Timothy Hirsch, Director of Auctions, announces their scheduled 2017 public sales dates, to be conducted at their London, New York, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore sales gallery venues (all sale dates are subject to change):


~ No. 17023 - 10th September 2017,  Fine Stamps and Covers of South East Asia. (Singapore)


~ No. 17038 - 18th September 2017,  the Professor Albert Hamilton Collection of Newfoundland (London)


~ No. 17037 - 19th September 2017,  the Arthur Gray Collection of the Australia King George VI Issues (London)


~ No. 17024 - 19th September 2017, the David Pitts Collection of the Windward Islands, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and the Falkland Islands. (London)


~ No. 17035 - 27th September 2017, the Bruce Smart Collection of the British Commonwealth: Part II. (London)


~ No. CSS26 - 21st October 2017, the Philatelic CollectorÕs Series Sale (China)


~ No. 17045 - 24th October 2017, Revenue Stamps of the World (London)


~ No. 17026 - 25th October 2017, the Philatelic CollectorÕs Series Sale (London)


~ No. 17044 - 28th October 2017,  the Boon-Swee Yen Large Gold Collection of Malayan Airmails (Singapore)


~ No. 17023 - 28th October 2017,  Fine Stamps and Covers of South East Asia (Singapore)


~ No. 163 - 14th November 2017, the Philatelic CollectorÕs Series Sale (USA)


~ No. 17046 - 15th November 2017, the ŌCaerynnÕ Collection of Silver Jubilee Stamps of Great Britain and the British Empire (London)


NOTE: The entire Spink auction catalogs can be viewed on their WebSite:


Contact: Spink - London -



(13th September 2017) The Global Philatelic Network: Dieter Michelson announces the balance of the year 2017 auction schedule for their family of five constituent philatelic auctioneers:


*** CorinPhila Veilingen BV (Netherlands) - 13th-16th September 2017

(Consignment Deadline: 30th  June 2017)


*** Heinrich Kšhler Auktionhaus GmbH (Germany) - 25th-30th September 2017

(Consignment Deadline: 15th  July 2017)


Heinrich Koehler Auktionhaus GmbH, together with its four sister companies on three continents, constitutes a worldwide network of stamp auctions of long-standing tradition known as the Global Philatelic Network. All the companies come under the holding company of Koehler u. CorinPhila Holding GmbH, with its headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany. The families of the two long-serving CEO's Dieter Michelson and Karl Louis are, together with another private collector, the three shareholders in the Koehler & CorinPhila Holding GmbH Company.


NOTE: The entire Global Philatelic Network auctions catalogs for these sales can be viewed on their user-friendly WebSites:

--- CorinPhila Veilingen BV

--- Heinrich Kšhler Auktionhaus GmbH

--- H.R. Harmer Inc.

--- CorinPhila Auktionen AG

--- John Bull Stamp Auctions Ltd.



--- CorinPhila Veilingen BV

--- Heinrich Kšhler Auktionhaus GmbH 

--- H.R. Harmer Inc.

--- CorinPhila Auktionen AG

--- John Bull Stamp Auctions Ltd.



(15th September 2017) Dutch Country Auctions / Stamp Center Inc.: Russell Eggert announces their public auction schedule for the balance of the year 2017, the sales being conducted at their Wilmington, DE, auction galleries venue:


*** No. 312 - 15th-16th September 2017

(Consignment Deadline: CLOSED)


*** No. 313 - 11th-12th  November 2017

(Consignment Deadline: 19th July 2017)


Consignments are solicited for these popular auctions. Please contact the auctioneer to discuss the consignment previous to shipping any materials to their offices.


NOTE: The entire fully illustrated auction catalogue can be viewed on the user-friendly Stamp Center Inc. WebSite:  





(17th September 2017) Takahashi Stamp Company: Nobuo and Kenjiro Takahashi announce their public auction dates for the year 2016, scheduled to be conducted at their Tokyo, Japan, auction gallery venue on every 3rd Sunday of the Month:


*** No. 612 - 17th September 2017

*** No. 613 - 15th October 2017

*** No. 614 - 19th November 2017

*** No. 615 - 17th December 2017

*** No. 616 - 21st January 2018


Although only in the Japanese-language, the lot listings are profusely illustrated, and are simple to decipher for those not familiar with the Japanese language. Not listed on their WebSite (see below) at this time, plans to include auction lot listings for Internet availability are scheduled for the near future.


NOTE: Further information relating to the philatelia available from the company, ranging from the classic to the modern, and for postage stamps and postal history, is available on their comprehensive Japanese-language WebSite:


Contact: or



(29th September 2017) Postiljonen AB.: Claes Arnrup announces their upcoming balance of the year 2017 international public auctions being conducted at the …resundshuset Conference Room, in the same building as are the Postiljonen Offices, which are located at Hans Michelsensgatan 9, in Malmš


*** No. 218 - 29th-30th September 2017


NOTE: The entire Postiljonen AB catalogs for these sales can be viewed on their user-friendly WebSite:





(7th October 2017) Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions: Robert (ŌBobÕ) J. Carr announces their public auction dates for the balance of the year 2017, scheduled to be conducted at the refurbished historic Victoria-era brewery, The Maltings (, located on Ship Lane in Ely, Cambridgeshire, starting promptly at 1:00 PM.


*** No. 351 – 7th October 2017


NOTE: The entire Cambridgeshire Philatelic Auctions catalogs for these sales can be viewed on their user-friendly WebSite: 





4th November 2017) Japan Stamp Company: Michiharu Tai announces their year 2017 auction schedule, the sales being conducted at the Japan Stamp Company Executive Offices located in the No. 3 Osakaelkimae Building - 14th Floor, at 1-3-1400 Umeda 1-chome, Kita-ku, in Osaka.


*** Public Auction No. 99 - 4th November 2017, a special sale held in conjunction with the 3rd-5th November  JAPEX Ō17 Philatelic Exhibition taking place on the 6th and 7th Floors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center located at TaitoKan (Asakusa), in Tokyo (Hanakawado 2-6-5, Taito-ku, Tokyo).


*** Public Auction No. 100 + Mail Sale No. 87 - 2nd-3rd December 2017


Although listed in the Japanese language, the great majority of the lots are photographed, allowing the listings to be easily understood. The sales are comprised of all of the aspects of JapanÕs philatelia, ranging from the Classical-era Postage Stamps and Postal History, through to the better Modern era items, and includes Aerophilately, Cancellations, FDCs, the Japanese Occupation issues, Postal Stationery, and Revenues, as well as the Ryukyu Islands and Korea.


The public auctions are followed by companion Mail Sales, which contain material similar to that in the public auctions, but primarily with more moderate valuations.


Contact: or



(1st December 2017) Aix-Phila Briefmarkenauktionshaus GmbH: Heinrich Osterloh announces their upcoming ŌFall 2017Õ Auction No. 61, to be knocked-down at the KaufmŠnnische School II sales venue, located at Lothringerstra§e 10, in Aachen [located directly across the street from the Aix-Phila offices, which are at Lothringerstra§e 13]. (1st-2nd December 2017).


NOTE: The entire Aix-Phila Briefmarken-Auktionshaus GmbH auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite: