AUGUST 2019 Philatelic Auctions





August 2019 Philatelic Auctions   ...




2nd - 3rd      LOTH BRIEFMARKEN-AUKTIONEN [Nº 180] (Germany)

3rd               JENNES & KLÜTTERMANN AUKTIONEN [Nº 75] (Germany)


8th                KARL PFANKUCH & CO. [Nº 220] (Germany

13th              EDGAR MOHRMANN AUKTIONEN [Nº 211] (Germany)

13th - 15th   DANIEL F. KELLEHER CO. INC. [Nº 727] (USA)

16th - 17th   GERT MÜLLER GmbH & CO. KG [Nº 104] (Germany)

17th - 18th   RASDALE STAMP COMPANY [Nº 441] (USA)

18th              TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY [Nº 635] (Japan)    

21st - 22nd  JÜRGEN GÖTZ AUKTIONSHAUS [Nº 384] (Germany)



September 2019 Philatelic Auctions   ...



13th   Dutch Country Auctions [Nº 324] (USA)

15th   Takahashi Stamp Company [Nº 636] (Japan)

20th   Philatelic Service of Finland [Nº 115] (Finland)






                                (Petaluma [San Francisco], CA: Auction No. 120)


A 1,707-Lot offering of United States and Worldwide Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, all being sold at a public auction being conducted in conjunction with the American Philatelic Society StampShow 2019 convening at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska.


German Colonies, Italy and the Italian Colonies, México Airmails, extensive United States, and the Bill Dipaolo Exhibit Collection of James Buchanan, “The Gentleman from Pennsylvania” highlights the sale.


NOTE: The entire Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries auction catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL (707) 778-6454   FAX (707) 763-6772

E-Mail: Auctions@HarmerSchau.com

WebSite: http://www.HarmerSchau.com




                               (Mainz, Germany: Public Auction Nº 180)


A multi 1000-Lot public auction primarily offering comprehensive German States, Germany, German Offices Abroad, German Occupations, and German Colonies, and also including much better General Foreign.


TEL [49] 6131 23.20.29   FAX [49] 6131 23.06.63

E-Mail: Auctions@LothAuktionen.de 

WebSite: https://www.lothauktionen.de



3rd                     JENNES & KLÜTTERMANN


                                (Köln, Germany: Public Auction Nº 75)


An 12,477-Lot public auction highlighted by a fine and comprehensive selection of German States, Germany, German Offices Abroad, German Colonies, and Other Worldwide Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections, Accumulations, Stocks, and other Large Lots, the sale being conducted at the Hotel Park Inn (http://www.pikcw.de/location-en.html), located at Innere Kanalstraße 15, Köln / Cologne, and commencing promptly at 10:00 AM.


NOTE: The entire Jennes & Klüttermann Briefmarken-Auktionen catalog can viewed on their WebSite [see below]


TEL [49] 221   FAX [49] 221

E-Mail: Info@Jennes-und-Kluettermann.de

WebSite: http://www.jennes-und-kluettermann.de




                                (New York, NY: Auction Nº 0819)


A comprehensive 1,668-Lot offering of upscale United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History, the public auction being conducted at their modern, conveniently located, mid-town Manhattan Cherrystone Auction Galleries, located at 119 West 57th Street, on the 3rd Floor.


The sale begins with United States, followed by Austria, Belgium, France and the French Colonies, Germany and the German Colonies, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the Scandinavian Countries.


The British Commonwealth is well represented with strength in QV and KGV singles and sets. Also noteworthy is Colombia with a complete set of the 1920 SCADTA vignettes unused and on individual covers. There is also a selection of Ethiopia, additional South and Central America, Asia and rest of the world. This auction concludes with over 100 large lots and collections that range from single country collections, to multi-carton worldwide groups of stamps and covers.


NOTE: The entire Cherrystone Philatelic Auctions catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below]. Most of the single lots are accompanied by quality color scans, and Opening Prices are updated daily.


TEL (212) 977-7734     FAX (212) 977-8652

E-Mail: Info@CherrystoneAuctions.com    

WebSite: www.cherrystoneauctions.com



8th                     KARL PFANKUCH & CO.

                            (Braunschweig, Germany: Sale Nº 220)


A 3,195-Lot public auction of primarily comprehensive Germany and all of the German Areas, but also including a selection of other Europe and Overseas Areas.


In addition, the sale also offers better Copper, Silver and Gold Coins (Lot Nos. 2286-2490), and Medals, as well as Banknotes .


NOTE: The entire Karl Pfankuch & Co. auction catalogue can be downloaded from their WebSite: [see below]


TEL [49] 531-45807   FAX [49] 531-44779

E-Mail: Info@Karl-Pfankuch.de

WebSite: http://www.Karl-Pfankuch.de 



13th                   EDGAR MOHRMANN & COMPANY


                                (Hamburg, Germany: Public Auction No. 211)


A 1,078-Lot auction of Germany and the German Areas, and General Foreign Postage Stamps and Postal History. Highlights of the sale include German States and Zeppelin Mails.


NOTE: The entire Edgar Mohrmann & Company Internationale Briefmarkenauktionen GmbH auction catalog can be viewed on their WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 40 68.94.700   FAX [49] 40

E-Mail: Auction@Edgar-Mohrmann.de

Auction Dates WebSite: http://edgar-mohrmann.de/en/v_auctiondates/at1.html 

WebSite: http://www.edgar-mohrmann.de



13th - 15th        DANIEL F. KELLEHER CO. INC.

                                (Danbury, CT: Auction Nº 727)


Continuing the auctioneer’s ‘Flagship Series’ of sales, 2,218 Lots of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, Collections and other Large Lots, all being knocked-down at a public auction at the new Daniel F. Kelleher Auction Galleries located at 22 Shelter Oak Lane - Building ‘C’ in Danbury, Connecticut, beginning promptly at 9:00 AM on that Wednesday, and at 10:00 AM


Highlights of the auction includes several specialized collections:


~  The ‘GeorgetownCollection of Used Great Britain and British Commonwealth

~  The Dr. Michael Haubner Collection of German Offices Abroad and German


~  The ‘HighwoodCollection of Quality United States

~  The Thomas P. Slavin Collections of Switzerland and Other Europe


NOTE: The complete Daniel F. Kelleher Co. Inc. catalog listings are available on their WebSite [see below]:


TEL (781) 235-0990   FAX (781) 235-0945

E-Mail: Info@KelleherAuctions.com

WebSite: www.kelleherauctions.com



16th - 17th        GERT MÜLLER GmbH & CO. KG

                                (Ettlingen, Germany: Public Auction Nº 104)


An 7,155 -Lot auction of primarily German States, Germany, the German Offices Abroad, and the German Colonies Postage Stamps and Postal History, but also includes an interesting representation of other European and Overseas Areas, all being offered at a public auctions at the Gert Müller Karlsruhe Briefmarken Auktionen Offices located at Carl-Zeiss-Straße 2, in Ettlingen.


Besides the extensive Germanic offerings, the auction includes an very large offering of Collections, Large Lots, Estates and better single lots of worldwide philately worth several million €. In addition, the sale also offers better Copper, Silver and Gold Coins, as well as Jewelry and Medals (Lot Nos. 7000-7155).


NOTE: The entire auction catalogue fully illustrated can be viewed on the user-friendly Gert Müller GmbH & Co. KG WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 951 32.50.0   FAX [49] 951 30.25.51

E-Mail: Info@Gert-Mueller-Auktion.de

WebSite: www.gert-mueller-auktion.de



17th - 18th        RASDALE STAMP COMPANY

                                (Westmont [Chicago], IL: Public Auction Nº 441)


A 1,252-Lot sale of United States and General Foreign Postage Stamps, Postal History, and a very large group of Collections, Accumulations, and other Large Lots, being sold at public auction at the Rasdale Stamp Co. Auction Galleries, located at 35 Chestnut Ave. in Westmont IL, beginning at 9:00 AM.


~ Session 1, Lot Nos. 0001-0734, Collections, Philatelic Estates, Accumulations and Job Lots.


Highlights from the Accumulations, Collections and Stocks section are the Germany and German Area Collections, and the French Area in Scott Specialty albums. There is an interesting French Balloon Monté Cover collection. This sale also presents several dozen Coin and Currency lots, and there are numerous lots of Space topical material, Civil War Memorabilia, and Autographs.


~ Session 2, Lot Nos. 1000-1518. Singles and Sets.


The second session highlights include a wide array of Unexploded Booklets from many countries, and nice selections of France, Italy and Germany area stamps and sets. The single cover section includes Space covers, many having Autographs, as well as Zeppelin Flight covers.


NOTE: The catalog for this auction is available on the Rasdale Stamp Company WebSite [see below].


TEL: (630) 794-9900   FAX (630) 794-9958

E-Mail: Info@RasdaleStamps.com  

WebSite: http://www.RasdaleStamps.com



18th                   TAKAHASHI STAMP COMPANY  

                                (Tokyo, Japan: Public Auction Nº 635)


Over 400 Lots in an all-Japan public auction offered in a Japanese-language catalog; although in the Japanese-language, the lot listings are profusely illustrated, and are simple to decipher. The sales venue is located at the Takahashi Stamp Company Offices, located in the Shintaro Building - 4th Floor, at 6-6-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, in Tokyo.


Highlights of the sale include very strong sections of classic-era postage stamps and postal history. Although currently not listed on their WebSite (see below), plans to include auction lot listing on the Internet are planned.


NOTE: Auction agent attendance services will not be available for this sale.


TEL: [81] 3 573-5370   FAX: [81] 3 3572-0661

E-Mail: TakahashiStamp@Nifty.com or Kenjiro6985@Nifty.com

WebSite: http://www.takahashistamp.com





                               (Oberkirch, Germany: Auction Nº 384)


An 3,810-Lot public auction very strong in Germany and the German Areas Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Collections, but also offering a nice selection of General Foreign, and being sold at the Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationales Auktionhaus Offices located at Steinhof 12, Oberkirch (ca. 7 mile north-east of Offenburg).


In addition, the sale also offers better Copper, Silver and Gold Coins (Lot Nos. 182A-211).


NOTE: The entire Jürgen Götz e.K. Internationale Auktionhaus auction catalog can be viewed on their German:English:French trilingual language WebSite [see below].


TEL [49] 7802 9.34.40   FAX [49] 7802 59.03

E-Mail: GoetzAuktion@T-OnLine.de

WebSite: http://www.goetz-auktion.de



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