LATEST UPDATE: 19 December 2002

Our thirty years of in-depth philatelic experience, in tandem with very extensive travel to the domestic and international philatelic markets, has resulted in the creation of a large nucleus of key worldwide contacts, and has generated an excellent upscale private and commercial network of potential buyers eager to purchase better postage stamp and postal history properties. Numerous personal and commercial references are available upon request.

Our marketing efforts and resultant finalized transactions are worldwide, no properties are of a value too large to negotiate, and all transactions are dealt with discretion. Collections, Accumulations, Dealer’s Stocks, and other large philatelic properties can be transacted, regardless of their worldwide place of residence.

We have a comprehensive clientele for all better United States and specialized foreign collections, especially those of high quality, and those containing better postal history, preferably from the classics eras. However, all types of properties having philatelic merit are of interest for our private treaty transactions. We travel to inspect major holdings and, after the examination, will deduce the best market for its ultimate placement.

A large number of private treaty transactions have been successfully marketed through our offices in the past twenty years, recent examples including:

The James H. Kinsley Specialized Collection of United States Postage and Revenue Stamps (1998)

The Ralph S. Herdenberg Collection of Pre-1939 Monaco Postal History (1999)

The Morton H. Blacker Great Britain Collection (2000)

A "Manhattanite’s" United States 1917 A.E.F. Booklets Holding (2001)

The Franklin G. Anzalone Japan Mint Sheets Horde (2002)

Feel free to request further information, additional details, and the standard terms for engaging our Estate Planning services by contacting us.